mercredi 14 mars 2012

Restraining order

Hello everyone,

I finally did my take on Michelle Ward's restraining order, Crusade no. 61.  Actually, I did 2 because the first one was not really a succes in my view.  I think the page looks crowded even if i did restrain from using little labels and chose to do the quotes around the page instead.  See for yourselves.

So, I decided to try again.  This time, i have to admit, i cheated !  How ?  Well, Julie Balzer and Nathalie Kalback have invited us to a challenge called '' Take the second floor''.  The first challenge is to use acrylic gold paint.  Do you see the opportunity here?  Call me lazy if you want but i decided to merge both ideas and here is the result.

The restraining order was a bit hard for me, as you can see.  I had to make a second effort to get it right.  But how does this page also applies to ''the second floor'' ?  Well, i figure, if something is not natural for me, and i really have to set my mind to doing it, then it must be a second floor for me.  

You are totally welcome to disagree and if you do, please let me know.  I welcome all comments and you can be really straight with me, i can take it.  Actually, i have no ego when it comes to art.  I am such a newbee anyhow.  

Lastly, for the few who will notice that this is not the same blog i used on crusade no. 60, there is a simple explanation.  I was getting confused trying to keep a blog in french and english in the same space.  So this one will be in Sheakspeare's tongue and SCRAP & CARDAMOME will be in french.

Heeee, that is a very long post for me but i will add more.  I was fortunate enough to find some Dyan Raeveley goodies in my area.  Here are the first two journal pages i did with them.  Please forgive the french journaling.

Have a peaceful day.

16 commentaires:

  1. Sylvie, before I get to your work, thanks for telling us that you have directed us to this blog because I was wondering where your other stuff was from previous visits. Now I know!

    I am pleased to hear you had a tough time on this challenge. I say because it means you were being deliberate. Obviously not all art has to have intention but this exercise offers an awareness of what we are comfortable with. I happen to love the first one. There is space, but there in interest and focus. And the space lets me prowl around the surface, taking in all the special details, then I find the subtle message scrolling around the edge. It's like a little treasure hunt. Love it!

    I am not familiar with the second floor challenge you mention but I enjoy the simplicity of the second piece, and that you chose to offer space as a color, not white.

    Then I scroll down and see you had to break the restraits with these two wildly busy and super fun pages. It's like you had to rebel :)

    Thanks for sharing your work, and the perspective of your process. I really appreciate you participating on our team. Two gold stars for you!!

  2. Oh, I know what you mean about this being difficult! I like both of your offerings, and I don't think you cheated at all. It's all part of the same stretching process, and one reason I think I felt uncomfortable with mine at first was because (I finally realized) I didn't want to be seen as lazy or unimaginative, leaving the canvas open (notice I didn't say 'unfinished') or without a lot of embellishment, even though I liked it. It's definitely hard when you love the wonderful designs Dyan shares because she has great bling. I was lucky enough to meet her at the Craft and Hobby Association show and she was amazing, helpful, and all her work was out for us to look at and touch.

    Thanks for sharing your explorations, and I would be interested to see more of your experiments!

  3. I like both of your pieces that you tried to restrain yourself on. I think they both turned out great! Also love what you did with your new Dyan Reaveley stuff. I took a class with her last year, and while her style is not my style, I love using some of her techniques.

  4. I think both the pieces are great. The first one has great colours and I like the multi-coloured space around the image - I think you had already achieved what was asked with this piece. But saying that I also love the colours in the second piece, they are stunning. The little labels are beautiful and the whole thing really works well. Lovely, lovely work! (I also like the busy ones too - looking at those I understand how it was hard for you to do this challenge, but I think you succeeded beautifully).

  5. I agree with the others that both your pieces are lovely and absolutely met the challenge. I love the contrast of that blue with the gold - beautiful. And I'm unfamiliar with Dyan Reavesley, but now that I've seen your two journal pages - SO fun - I need to go check her out...

  6. I love both your pages. The gold and blue really work so well together. I'm having a hard time trying Julie's challenge. I never use gold in anything. You two pages with Dyan Reaveley are so colorful. I love her stamps and can't wait to buy her new ones.

  7. Loving your simple approach to our Second Floor Challenge- thanks for joining me and julie. Nat

  8. These are wonderful- thank you for sharing the process and such a great variety of art!

  9. I love them both, the gold/blue is very classy and understated. The cat piece is my fave, I am a serious cat-lover! I like the way you combined so many elements and rather bold colors, yet it is such a clean and uncluttered composition.

  10. Gosh! I just love everything!

    I think your first piece worked for the challenge though.... and I think it is my favourite! I love the colours and the blue in the middle and of course the sweet kitty!

  11. Love the blue and red layout - the horizontal lines make it!

  12. You did a great job playing with the minimal bits to your pieces. I actually really like the first piece and the kind of "imperfection" to it.
    I haven't done a Crusade for a long time but I was happy to celebrate this last one with so many talented people.
    Here's to the creative life !
    Cheers !

  13. I see islands in the sea; I love aerial photos of coastal scenery so second floor really speaks to me. I didn't find the first page crowded like you did, but having a 2nd shot's never a bad thing. Anything to play with our supplies!

    I always enjoy my "end of month, and the newspaper's finished blog cruise 'n comment" time. It's been lovely to meet you and your work via the Crusades. Thanks for sharing what you do with everyone. May the rest of 2012 be filled with creative happiness for you.

  14. Sylvie, i really appreciate your blog in English, I'm afraid my French has never been any good, although I think it's a beautiful language. I love what you did with the blue and the gold and your art journal pages are whimsical and quite beautiful. I also took the 2nd Floor Challenge! I made a scrapbook layout out of all "recycled" materials, because I combined it with another challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing what Natalie & Julie come up with next!

  15. I love this post and how you shared both attempts to restrain yourself. I disagree though and think the first one is also a success! Thanks for sharing with the team.
    And wow I have respect for you managing two sites, in two languages. Well done!

  16. Looking great - both of them! I think that the first page is my favorite though.Cant help myself from loving those strong brush strokes... beautiful!