jeudi 25 octobre 2012

Synchronicity workshop

I attended the Synchronicity Workshop offered at Valley Ridge Art Studio in Muscoda WI on October 12-14. Michelle Ward was giving the workshop and i met her for the first time.  Of course, i have been a fan of hers for a couple of years.  I am in love with her designs, stencils, stamps and her art in general.  If you don't know her, you have to check out her blog here  Her account of the experience of that weekend cannot be improved upon, so, if you are interested, go read her post of October 18th '12.

For me, it was a moment out of time, a chance to meet wonderful women, fabulous artists, and of course Michelle and Katherine (of Valley Ridge Studio).  It was perfect in every way.  I am not much of a writer, so i will let the pictures speak for themselves.

My fabulous room-mates:  Judy, Marlynn, Sylvie (me) and Mary

Michelle demonstrating spray paint goodness

My art journal

playing and exploring with circles

a quote goes on this page

I feel very lucky i could attend such a wonderful workshop with this fabulous, wondrous artist.  Michelle is a true inspiration in the community and she has something good to say about everybody's work.  Even a newbie to art like myself feels at home in the warm welcome she and Katherine offer.  I really hope you get a chance to attend a workshop or even just a class with Michelle Ward.  This will be a cherished memory for ever.

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